MCD-V3 Professional under Vehicle Inspection Mirror
MCD-V3 Professional under Vehicle Inspection Mirror

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 - 33 / 28 centimeters high intensity shatterproof acrylic mirror,
 - convex-shaped 2-fold amplification effects
 - 1/2 weight of the mirror glass which is of the same size
 - With certain toughness, not easy to be broken,
 - Safe, durable, light and glass the same mirror.
 - Ebonite materials surround the bottom of the mirror; can effectively prevent the collision cause damage to the mirror.
 - Detectable minimum height: 10CM

 - T-type retractable rod,
 - Turning 170 degrees around the joints designed to maximize the depth to the detection of vehicles and goods,
 - Two-ball shrapnel,
 - plastic ring double insurance positioning,
 - Use of high-quality aluminum structure and multiple high-intensity processing, light, firm, and beautiful.
 - Surface dust-free workshop grilled outdoor paint treatment, long-term use of non-bleaching, non-smell, harmless to the human body.
 - Cotton with a black foam grip, grip feeling good, fit a long time operation.


Light source:
 - Fluorescent lamp, as well as an optional LED light source.
 - Fluorescent light source with a natural, soft characteristics; LED lights have long life,
 - High brightness waterproof, removable to serve as work lights and so on.
 - Customers can use the characteristics according to their own selection of suitable light source.
 - Fluorescent models are adapted to wet and rainy conditions

 - Folded rod, fixed after a good one person can be put away.
 - Can be equipped with easy to carry bag, can be dismantled when not in use and collection.
 - Materials are in line with the overall process Rhos standards, suitable export to other countries.


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