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F 75
F 75

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The F75 is an outstanding all-purpose metal detector. Its most popular uses are finding coins, rings, and jewelry. It is also well suited to find relics and for gold prospecting as well as beach hunting. Perfect for beginners to very experienced metal detector users.
This top-off the line metal detector has all the important features you would expect from a Fisher detector. Light and well balanced with a large LCD screen that shows you Target Identification, Target Confidence (a new feature) and Target Depth .You can hunt relics and artifacts with the all-metal mode, or discriminate (tune out) the junk targets. Best of all You can use your F75 right out of the box!!!


 - All-metal mode - static
 - All metal mode also dynamically
 - Pinpointing small space search
 - FAST GRAB + manual ground balance automatically
 - Disk Mode for discrimination / Out
 - Sound differentiation
 - 4 preset programs
 - Direct Notch metal blanking
 - Direct conductance for simple metal discrimination
 - Depth display and battery indicator
 - Display of ground mineralization



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