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The Gemini-3 is designed to detect large targets are deep - such as a large metal box or many coins or a pipe and has the ability to find gaps in the ground.
Depending on the content of the soil mineral and size of the task, the Gemini-3 can find objects at a depth of 20 feet (6 meters) or more. The receiver and transmitter operating at 82 Khz and the frequency is controlled by crystals.

Detects all metals and only relatively large objects. There are four search functions. The exact location of the target is done with the VCO, the most advanced technologically. Works with 16 batteries of 1,5 V for 50 hours with headphones even more. Instructions in English. 2 year warranty.

Indicative average depth detection

Pipe diameter 3 / 4 1,91cm 1,5 meters
Top diameter 14 35,65cm 1,5 meters
Tube diameter 1 2,54cm 2 meters
Tube diameter 2 5,08cm 2,1-2,5m
Top diameter 30 76,20cm 2,5-3m
Pipe diameter 10 25,40cm 4 meters
Barrel 55 gallons 208 liters 5 meters
Oil Tank
6+ meters


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