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Golden Gate 3D Plus + Pinpointer, 2 gifts
Golden Gate 3D Plus + Pinpointer, 2 gifts

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GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D- THE BEST METAL DETECTOR IN THE WORLD, which turns the usual metal detector use into a unique experience, is the first metal detector in the world that can make the signal-shape and signal-dimension association with the target in real time. GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D has a built-in GPS. Another feature that comes with the GPS is TRACKING. D.I.S.S. Technology, which we have recently developed, is used in the GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D metal detector.

GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D discriminates the detected metal in 3 different groups as Gold/Non-Ferrous, Ferrous, Steel/Alloy and it provides the results to the user instantly. All these technologies are available in a metal detector collectively for the first time thanks to Nokta Engineering. The GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D metal detector, which features 10 language options, pre-defined search modes and personalizable themes, will enable their users to enjoy pleasant searches.


The GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D associates the signal obtained from the target with its dimensions (width-length). Based on the angle of the target underground, the GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D shows the dimensions in terms of centimeters on the chart that is present on the 3D result screen. The user can figure out the dimensions of the target underground as well as the search area by looking at this data.
The GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D can draw the 3D graph of the detected signal instantly. The GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D shows the equilateral targets by using circle and square-like shapes and the long ones by using ellipse and rectangular-like shapes to its user.

The GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D shows the depth of the detected target in terms of centimeters on the depth bar present on the 3D result screen to the user.

3D result screen satisfies all the expectations of a metal detector user on a single screen. The discrimination, depth, dimensions and the graph of the target's 3D result screen provides them all both accurately and in detail with high quality graphics to its user. Detect the difference with the GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D!

There are 5 automatic, pre-defined search modes in the GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D. The mode is selected based on the ground structure of the search area. The device adjusts all the necessary settings automatically and gets them ready for searching. These modes are General Search Mode, Deep Search Mode, High Mineral, Trash Metal and Beach Mode. In addition, the threshold & RX Gain levels for each mode can be customized and saved by the user.

The GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D makes faster and more accurate ground balancing on every type of ground due to its fast DSP technology. This technology detects the differences based on the mineral structures of the ground more efficiently and enables the users to make ground balancing in seconds only. The GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D checks the ground continuously during search, too, and informs the user. Searching becomes more enjoyable with the power of technology!

It is hard to get accurate results in areas where the ground has high levels of minerals and magnetic density. These unfavorable conditions make the device usage harder for all detector users. In the GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D, the sensitivity (Threshold & RX Gain) level can be adjusted. Based on the conditions of the search area, the threshold & RX Gain can be decreased or increased. The GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D takes the sensitivity of the search into consideration.


GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D provides the user with the discrimination information and the metal ID of the detected metal instantly. A discrimination setting that the user can change manually is also available in the GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D. Users, by using this setting, can define which metals the GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D will sense as non-ferrous and which ones as ferrous.One of the most important features of the GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D is its fast RECOVERY SPEED. GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D can detect ferrous and non-ferrous metals located in close proximity and it shows the discrimination graph of each metal right on the search screen to the user.

The GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D users can find out the coordinates of the areas they are searching in and save them. They can also view data about the altitude of the area and the search speed. They can obtain detailed information about the area such as the geographical characteristics, the history etc. when the coordinates are entered into mapping applications (Google Earth®, Yahoo® Maps etc) present on the Internet or on PCs. There is no risk of getting lost while searching for the lost!

User maps can be created by the TRACKING feature in the GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D model. Search areas can be mapped and information such as where the user has been, where he/she has stopped and searched, and how far he/she has gone can be saved. This feature provides a chance to go back to the saved areas. The GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D reminds the user where and why he/she has stopped. Searches become easier and the search areas are never forgotten thanks to the tracking feature.

The quality merit of the signal obtained from ground and processed is determined by its clarity and stability. All detectors and coils are affected negatively by climatic and environmental factors. The D.I.S.S technology filters the effect as a result of these factors and increases the quality of the signal. It enables you to search uninterruptedly by checking the ground constantly. Nokta Engineering who has developed this new technology uses D.I.S.S in all its devices.

DSP (Digital Signal Processing)
The GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D metal detector's technology is powered by 4 processors. The GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D can process the signal much faster and more effectively due to a secondary processor that works at a speed of 216MHz and has a 32-bit Floating Point DSP and a 16 bit ADC. The search data are processed and the results are given to the user fast, without slowing down the system, and trouble-free.

The GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D uses LINUX technology. The Linux operating system can be used on all computer platforms without complications. The Linux operating system, which has huge hardware support, works in total harmony on almost every platform including embedded systems, notebooks, servers, work stations, smart phones and desktops.

In the GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D, a VGA (640x480) high quality display, produced with the TFT technology, is used. This high resolution display makes the GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D's use easier and turns it into fun. Everything seems clearer with the GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D.

The personalizable metal detector age is starting! Users, based on their preferences, can adjust the user interfaces of the GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D, the search & functional warning tones, and the accelerometer option that checks the inclination of the coil with the ground while searching.

GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D saves the tracking maps, the GPS coordinates, and the 3D graphics in its memory. Searches made by the GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D metal detector are never forgotten!

Sun mode is used when the sunlight is intense and the screen gets affected by it. The sun mode can be used in all the menu interfaces of the GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D. It provides easier reading and viewing under intense sunlight.

You will manage technology in your own language! The GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D operates in 10 languages: English, Turkish, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Bulgarian, Greek, Arabic and Persian.

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GOLDENGATE PLUS 3D Technical Specifications

Operating Principle : VLF Induction Balance
Microprocessor : 32-bit ARM9 core running at 216MHz + 32-bit floating point DSP
: State of the Art GUI with fast target processing and multi-language support
Noise Cancellation : DSP powered Intelligent/Adaptive noise elimination (DIANE)
Search Modes : 5 selectable search modes
Discrimination : Ferrous, Alloy / Steel, Gold / Non-Ferrous + providing metal ID
Target Identification : Actual target size and type with 3D view
Sensitivity (Threshold & RX Gain) Setting : Automatic and manual setting
Visual Themes : Selectable 4 color themes
Audio Themes
: Selectable 4 audio tones
Ground Balance Modes : Automatic using D.I.S.S technology
Ground Balance Settings : Phase track in mineralized soils
Waterproof Search Coil : 24x32cm (12.5'') Double-D coil
Optional Waterproof Search Coils : 19x24cm (9.5'') Double-D surface search coil & 32x40cm (15.7'') Double-D deep search coil
: 6400mAh rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery
Display : 5.7'' VGA color TFT display
Headphone Output : 1/4'' stereo
GPS : Store and recall/review GPS coordinates (up to 100)
: Record and view tracks using GPS (up to 25 tracking records)
3D View Records : Save up to 100 3D records
Sweep Speed Detection : Measuring sweep speed using MEMS
Accelerometer : Visual feedback for search coil balance (inclinometer)
: 90 - 120cm (35 - 47'') extendable
Weight : 2.5kg (5.5 lbs) (including the 24x32cm (12.5'') coil, excluding the battery and accessories)
Warranty : 2 years (system box)

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