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Golden King DPR Plus + Pinpointer, 2 Gifts
Golden King DPR Plus + Pinpointer, 2 Gifts

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GOLDEN KING DPR PLUS Turkish construction, developed by Nokta Engineering with an advanced technology, is equipped with features offered by no other detectors. These features allow users to obtain more accurate and clearer results during their underground searches and explorations and the unique system hardware offers users the opportunity of working conveniently in any conditions and environments without the need of other equipment. 
One of the most important features that the Golden King offers its users is search screen interfaces. Both of these interfaces, called the "GENERAL SEARCH" and the "DIGITAL GAUGE SEARCH", are designed in high digital visual quality available in no previous detector

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In pachetul Golden King DPR Plus ve-ti gasi urmatoarele accesorii:



In this fully digital interface, you can view all your moves in real-time as well as obtain all the data about the signal (such as strength, depth, discrimination) from the SCOPE, RADAR and REPORT screens present in the same interface.


While searching with the Golden King, you can conveniently follow the strength of the target signal in real-time on the SCOPE SCREEN. With this screen, you can easily find the highest point on the signal center and analyze the signal graphs of both metal targets and cavities.


Thanks to this screen, while following how the system is processing, you can also get information about the target instantly by seeing how the RADAR SCREEN color changes when you detect a metal or a cavity signal.
The RADAR SCREEN becomes red with metal signals. It turns blue with cavity signals, and provides initial information about the target to its user. As a result, you can search and explore faster. 


This screen reports the initial data obtained from the target signal and the following processes to its user in the search interface. The REPORT SCREEN does not only provide data about the target signal, but it also guides the user about the warnings and the things to be done after. REPORT SCREN will be your partner which provides you with the data you need and checks your actions during your searches like an expert always right by your side


This interface is designed with users' old habits in mind. With the DIGITAL GAUGE SEARCH interface, the Golden King detector offers its user the opportunity to search in line with his/her tastes and preferences. All the data and visuals provided in the GENERAL SEARCH interface are represented with pointers in this interface. The SCOPE and REPORT screens in the GENERAL SEARCH interface are also present in this interface with different visuals. 


During your searches with the Golden King detector, you can easily follow the strength of the target signal on the SCOPE screen in real-time. Different than the GENERAL SEARCH, in the DIGITAL GAUGE SEARCH screen you can view the highest point of the target signal with the pointer. The pointer's highest level represents the center of the target signal.


In this screen, you can view discrimination information such as whether the metal is ferrous or non-ferrous, alloy or steel or gold, etc. with the help of the digital pointer, as well as recognizing metals which are side by side, on the result screen. At the same time, you can determine the points where you have entered and exited the underground metal target signal by following the pointer's movement and the numeric values below.


In this screen, you can follow the cavity signals and also read the signal value numerically. Thanks to the cavity pointer, confusion over the data is eliminated and you are afforded simpler usage. Just like the metal section pointer, you can determine the points where you have entered and exited the underground cavity target signal by following the cavity section pointer's movement and the numeric values below.


Golden King detector system is equipped with technology unmatched by any other system in the world. The most striking feature of the system is the 3D digital signal processing function, which no other detector manufactured to retrieve underground data has achieved up to date. Until now, all 3D systems would load the most suitable picture for the voltage value obtained from underground and give a voltage graph of the signal. These graphs are uploaded to the system at the production stage, then the system would try to express the millions of possibilities from the field with this limited number of pictures. These pictures leave much unanswered and are, indeed, far from reality.

Contrary to all these systems, Nokta Engineering has launched the real-time 3D digital signal processing technology. As seen in the sample pictures, Golden King draws the 3D graph of the signal in real-time and displays it on the screen. On the screen next to the graph, it shows the depth and discrimination information of the target signal. You can rotate the result screen by using the keypad and analyze it from different angles and you can save these images and view them again whenever you want.


Golden King has a superior metal discrimination feature. It classifies metals as ferrous, alloy, steel, non-ferrous and gold. It also detects two different metals standing next to each other and displays them alongside their percentage values on the screen. With its cavity detection feature, it can detect enclosed spaces such as caves, cellars, tunnels, and rooms and places hidden underground are no longer secret. Golden King also detects metals in cavities. When it detects a metal in a cavity, it draws the 3D graph of both the cavity and the metal, and shows their percentage values on the result screen.


The quality of the signal obtained from ground and processed is determined by its clarity and stability. All detectors and coils are affected negatively by climatic and environmental factors. D.I.S.S. technology filters the effect as a result of these factors, and increases the quality of the signal. It enables you to search uninterruptedly by checking the ground constantly.


It is hard to get accurate results in areas where the ground has high levels of minerals and magnetic density. These unfavorable conditions make device usage harder for all detector users. In Golden King metal detectors, the sensitivity level can be adjusted. Based on the conditions of the search area, the sensitivity can be decreased or increased. This way, you can block out interferences and obtain more accurate and clearer results.


Golden King metal detectors use LINUX technology. The Linux operating system can be used on all computer platforms without complications. The Linux operating system, which has broad hardware support, works in complete accord on almost every platform including embedded systems, notebooks, servers, work stations, smart phones and desktops.


There might be a lot of ferrous objects in the areas where you are performing searches. By activating the 'Ferrous Reject' feature on the Golden King, you can enable your detector not to react to signals coming from ferrous objects. This way, ferrous objects do not interfere with the system and you will get more accurate and clearer results.


Golden King has a 480X800 pixel high resolution TFT display. Its high resolution enables you to see the details on the screen more clearly. Also, with this high resolution display, you do not miss any details when using the night vision camera.


Sun mode is used when sunlight is intense, thus affecting the screen visibility. The sun mode can be used in all the menu interfaces of Golden King metal detectors. It makes reading and viewing easier under intense sunlight.


This night vision video camera that can capture images at 30 meters under water or on land has a very high display quality. You can record videos even in pitch darkness, save them and watch them at a later time. With this video camera you can easily view places like caves, tunnels, cellars, wells, sea, lakes etc. without having to enter.

With the system in the Golden King Plus can do, and land and underwater shooting with high quality:

Plus environments such as sea, lake, tunnels, cellar, passing a cave filled with water, will not remain hidden and impregnable to you. Consequently all the difficult conditions will negatively impact your investigations. No investigation or excavation will not remain inconclusive, because the images you get to DVD quality from different positions in the system of Golden King Plus, in which knowledge and image quality are used at the highest level.

The camera with night vision system using the Golden King Plus has the ability to make land with high quality filming, underwater up to 30 m depth as well as shooting in dark environments easily. The camera comes with 30 m cable for you to use it in any depth with ease. It will cost you more expensive, the whole device, to buy a 30 m underwater camera to look at these positions. No of course you have the ability of the radar system, to make identification of positions or to watch the shooting. With the Golden King Plus you can make all of these processes easily with a single system. With the possibility of monitoring and recording system at the same time, you will have the opportunity later to share these images with your friends and connoisseurs of the subject. So not only will you have the most advanced radar of the new generation Golden King Deep Processor, but enjoying and research. You will be able to track positions and to make thorough investigations into the sea or lake that otherwise could only be diving with oxygen.

Radar Golden King Deep Processor is one of the strengths in your investigations.


The Golden King™s gas sensor detects methane, a gas dangerous to human health, in enclosed places such as caves, cellars, wells, tunnels etc. If there is methane present in the area where the user is searching, the system detects it instantly and notifies the user on the warning screen.


Golden King has 10 language options. Once the language is selected, all the menus of the system are displayed in that language. This way, the user can operate the system easily and comfortably.


Search Coils
210 x 315
360 x 440
600 x 1000
12.5 kHz
12.5 kHz
12.5 kHz

5 x 5
60 cm
85 cm
80 cm
10 x 10
80 cm
110 cm
120 cm
20 x 20
115 cm
140 cm
160 cm
30 x 30
140 cm
182 cm
215 cm
40 x 40
155 cm
220 cm
245 cm
60 x 60
185 cm
270 cm
305 cm
80 x 80
225 cm
295 cm
350 cm
100 x 100
245 cm
335 cm
410 cm


Head for Surface Search
The head size 210x315mm investigation has the ability to produce results with high resolution up to maximum of 0-3 m, thus making it able to find small objects near the surface. It is the ideal head for finding coins and is sensitive to small surface objects that no other head can do. Pressing the method of 'insignificant' to your system, you can search the search-free to see any unintentional and insignificant objects (such as soft drink cap, nail, iron wire, or tin) that ups your research, so that ability discrimination head on survey to be very high. You will not miss any of your objective with this investigation, although head is so small.

Head for the general survey
The head size 360x440mm investigation has the ability to produce results with high resolution up to maximum of 0-5 m and was designed for final results and on the surface and depth, which was taken very successful result on the search. The surveys, searches made ​​enjoyable thanks to the high capacity of discrimination metal detection of fluent target and property research rejecting non-precious objects.

Head for research Bottom
The Golden King Plus is designed for deep-searching inquiries. The head of survey has the ability to produce a result to 0-3 m. The system has a powerful processor that will look easy and very high resolution deep marks, then it will give a signal to the operator, who can easily get the result from 0-5 m depth with the head of general research. With the push of deep research, measuring 100x60 cm, you can get a result from 0-8 m depth. In addition, the head of deep research and capacity is discrimination metals, ability to so clearly and definitely result there is no other head of research.

Thanks to high technology and storage memory 21,800 times greater than the simple and old systems and the ability to evaluate 150 times greater than the simple and old systems, we can say definitely and clearly that the action transmitted from the ground. The changes in surface and depth not prevent us to see all the objects that are buried hundreds of meters deep. Smart investigation heads find so quickly and definitively than any other system can see the positive actions, actions that the metal object which come from the ground during the investigation - but search and giving me the negative actions in the pilot. This system with advanced detection and evaluation capacity left behind the logic of simple head, so it does not broadcast the negative actions counting errors can make the operator during the exploration. Both the distinctiveness of positive actions and negative actions improved more with this technology that has no other system As world. If you bury a bracelet in 10 m depth no system in the world will be able to find the Golden King Deep Processor with the ability of detection and discrimination will be able to see the place where he was buried or hid the bracelet. Even the Golden King Deep Processor will easily find the smart heads investigation without restriction in the background, the positions of buried objects even if they contain no metal. So you have in your hands the only system that can be found on earth any objects, metallic or not. The Golden King Plus will not be affected by objects of stone, marble, wood or plastic.

These measurements are generated in a lab environment.

This data may vary in the field. Metals do not emit magnetic field by themselves unless they are excited. Metals buried in the ground go into a chemical reaction, which we may call "rusting", with the mineral and metal compounds in the soil. As a result of this reaction, an electrolysis flow occurs between the metal and the soil and the metal becomes subject to corrosion, resulting in a new, ionized compound. This phenomenon affects the depth of detectors positively.

The ionization, the mineral, and the metal density of the soil are factors leading to fast or slow reaction. For this reason, large metals at greater depths, which normally cannot be detected, may be detected by the GOLDEN KING DEEP PROCESSOR RADAR at up to 8 meters depth provided that the above conditions are present.

Now for every Nokta metal detector you get an RS Pinpointer FREE
With the new RS Pinpointer the search for gold is a lot faster


Operating principle: VLF induction balance

Microprocessor: 32-bit ARM9 core running at 216MHz + 16-bit co-processor
Software: GUI with multilingual support
Noise Cancellation: manual reset
Awards: iron, alloy steel, non ferrous, gold
Identification of target: The signal strength and the goal is a correlation with size in 3D imaging
Sensitivity Setting: Manual
Underground leveling functions: automatic and manual
Search Coil: 36x44cm (17''), Double-D coil search, 24x32cm (12,5'') Double-D coil surface search, 60x100cm (39''), Double-A search coil (DPR PLUS)
Battery: 6400mAh rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery
Display: 7''WVGA color TFT screen
Headphone Output: 1 / 4''stereo
Video Camera (DPR PLUS): Night vision, waterproof, land and underwater video camera with 30 meter cable
Gas sensor (DPR PLUS): sensitive gas sensor - Methane
3D (three dimensional) View Records: Store up to 100 3D (three dimensional) records
Length: 90 - 120cm (35 - 49'') can be extended
Safety system Weight: 2,5 kg (5,5 lbs) (including battery) - "hang" around the neck
Search Handle & Weight Coil: 2.3kg (5,0 lbs)
Warranty: 2 years


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