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Mineoro Two boxes


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Model MP10

Model M80 Model M80


Electronic Detector

Model MP10

Model MP10 is a professional instrument to whom wants the best performance in a metal detector. It possesses the maximum reach among the two-boxes models, being able to locate - in the case of big objects- the exact point where metal and minerals are hidden by a system of automatic turn off

MP10 is an high sensitivity instrument ,designed to attend any basic requisites within its design. It can be used to search in open fields, mountains, forests, rivers, lakes, caves, ruins, battlefields, abandonned mines, antique , etc


Hand held VLF for searching in areas of difficult access such as caves, holes, small rivers, etc

Booklet Os Detectores Eletrônicos de Metais with information about electrostatic fields and underground phenomena.



ModelMP10 - Two boxes (T/TR) fully electronic and easily dismonted. With two transmitter.
Detection SystemReflective, Conductive and Inductive.
Range54.68yd / 50m
Depth39.37ft / 12m
Power Source10 1,5 V AA batteries
SizeWith low transmitter.
Lenght 30.71in / 78cm x Width 9.05in / 23cm x height 16.54in / 42cm.
With high transmitter.
Lenght 44.88in / 114cm x Width 9.05in / 23cm x height 17.72in / 45cm.
SubstancesAll types of metals including gold, silver and copper.
This metal detector can locate objects as small as a tinny gold nugget.
It can also find diamonds, precious and semiprecious stones.
Weight5.512lb / 2,5kg
Warranty01 year

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