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Delta 4
Delta 4

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Delta 4 Features:

- Microprocessor controlled automatic ground reject (Auto Track) - high performance in most soils.

- Microprocessor controlled discrimination with enhanced iron rejection.

- Manual or auto ground reject

- 10 turn potentiometer for precise manual ground reject

- High recovery speed – Improved detection in iron trash areas.

- Pin Pointing push button - VCO for the exact localization of the found object.

- Volume control.

- Low Battery alert – red LED blinks automatically.

- Work frequency - 12 kHz

- 6,3mm. headphone jack

- Dual tone audio discrimination

- High stability to electromagnetic disturbances. (transmission lines, radars, etc.)

- Supplying of Delta4 is made with rechargeable accumulator block of 12V/2500mAh.

- Up to 30 working hours with one battery charge.

- 220V automatic charger for the built-in batteries. Charging is easy without taking apart the block off the detector.

- 3 piece breakdown handle.

- 10,5” DD search coil

- Optional 14” DD search coil.

- Weight is 1,6 kg including batteries.

- User’s manual in English.

Optional: Coil 36cm (white)

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