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Rover UC
Rover UC

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RoverUC OKM's technology is the new generation of metal detectors. It consists of a rod and a mobile phone, which except for use as imaging and control panel of metal detector can be used as a normal phone with all the functions of smart phone as internet connection, etc. The rod-like walking stick and goes completely unnoticed. Nobody can understand that it is a metal detector with excellent features such as three

-dimensional survey Soil

-and mapping suitable for detecting tunnels, voids and caves

-Separation between noble metals and ferrous It has a metal

-detecting magnetometer for ferrous metals

-Greek language into the machine

-all information in the research appear in the phone where we can zoom in and out of the picture, rotate it to all directions in three-dimensional form. The number of images we can now save thousands depending on the card Micro SD we have the phone. The machine came with the special program Visualizer 3D for where we want switch over to a computer to have the additional function of measurement depth and size of target

The machine includes:

- Telescopic rod

- Phone smart phone pre-set

- Accessories of smart phone (charger, cable USB, headphones, etc.)

- Program Visualizer 3D

- Instructions

- Batteries-AA

- Warranty 24 months

For any additional information dont hesitate to contact
us on +4 031 438 0245 or +4 0727964452

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