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The new 3D ground scanner "Evolution" enforces what the name already promises. This deep scan detector takes another step forward in advanced metal detection technology. It is a stunning blend of functionality, ergonomics and futuristic design. The device includes the following functionality: Wireless telescopic probe LED-light for searching in the dark Full color display with touch-screen 'Live Sound' mode with VLF metal detector '3D Scan' mode with GST/EMSR scanner

A state of the art touch screen display and wireless bluetooth communication between the main unit and probe are only some of the innovative features. This device combines different high-end detection technologies in an extremely small, lightweight and compact easy to handle unit. The telescopic probe makes it easily transportable and rugged enough and suitable for nearly all terrains.

The user interface of the control unit can be operated in the following languages: Deutsch, English, Français, Español, ,عربي فارسی Türkçe, Italiano, 中 文 .

The lightweight main unit with touch screen display can be mounted on the telescopic probe or carried on the wrist holder. This makes it comfortable for treasure hunters and prospectors in nearly every environment. With integrated LED lamps it is even ready for the dark. The device "Evolution" is the best introductory model to step in into the world of 3d ground scanning. It easily combines common metal detector technology with high performance ground scanner technology.

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