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Geoelectric Cave Finder
Geoelectric Cave Finder

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Detects empty land with 4 electrodes. Easy to use.

The work on the basis Cavefinder a geoelectric field, which can be found in an area of ​​empty underground spaces.

In good soils can locate empty spaces at a depth of 40 meters.

The device is easy to use and function and appropriate to identify caves, tunnels, underground facilities and shelters.

The results trace on the spot and see a few seconds color screen.

The B version has the ability to transfer data to a computer (not included in the price of the machine), where data analysis, process and see the image on the screen. 


Main unit:

Operating Temperature: 0 C - 50 C

Storage Temperature: -20 C - 60 C

Humidity: 5% - 75%

Raincoat: NO

Dimensions: 430 mm x 150 mm x 260 mm

Weight: about 3 pounds

Voltage: 12VDC

Editor: Motorola, 4 MHz

Detection Depths: Maximum depth 40m.

Contact Unit

Technology: Bluetooth

Frequency: 2.4 - 2.4835GHz

Maximum data transfer: 1Mbps

Receiver sensitivity: -85dBm

Maximum distance: 100.

Notebook PC (not included): Minimum capacity

Guide CDROM: 4x

Link: USB

Free hard disk space: 50MB

Free available RAM: 256MB

Graphics: 128MB, compatible with OpenGL

Editor: 1.2GHz

Operating system: Windows Vista, XP, 98SE, 2000

For any additional information dont hesitate to contact

us on +4 0314380245 or +4 0727964452

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