FG 90
FG 90

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Model FG90

Model FG90 Model FG90


Electronic Metal Detector


The support stand which accompanies detector FG90 is a very useful accessory to determine in a simple and practical way the centre and depth of the object located, allowing a more precise digging.

Transportation Case Support Stand Measuring Tape Users Guide Gold sheet Center&Deep
Transportation Case Support Stand Measuring Tape Users Guide Gold sheet Center&Deep

In long range directional detectors the ionic fields are detected through electrostatic fields generated by the Earth rotation. Ionic fields use electrostatic fields as paths - an invisible wire - to move through space, in all cardinal points. The propagation is not linear in amplitude, changing from North, South, East and West. The loss of atomis weight liberates atoms of the matter in infinitesimal value. This phenomenom is not measurable. These atoms, in our particular case, NEGATIVE ATOMS, are detectable in the IONIC CHAMBER of the detector. For substance classification to occur, a polarized field of the same substance is generated inside the IONIC CHAMBER. FG90 Directional Detector with Classifier, detects at long distance and great depth.

Why is it necessary to research or prospect in the NORTH/SOUTH? Look at the drawing below. the projection area of irradiated lines has an elliptical shape like an egg. Observe the greatest distance of irradiated lines is in the North direction. The shortest distance is in the South direction. The East- West lines are a bit bigger than those of the South.


Do not work with the directional detectors after using the sweeper detectors or two-boxes because they consume the ionic field.


Model Substances detector FG90 - Fully electronic and one-piece. Hand Held.
Accessories Support stand - Device to determine Center and depth with accuracy.
Detection system Biotronic Classifier System - BCS
Range To 10 km
Power Source 18 x 1.5V AA alcaline battery - 01 x 9 V alcaline battery.
Size Length 7in /18cm - Width 9in / 23cm - Height 10in / 26cm.
Substances Only Gold.
Weight 1.5kg
Warranty 01 year


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