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  • Garrett Tactical THD
TACTICAL of GARRETT identify quickly and efficiently all the weapons: ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel, as well as other prohibited items and metal items.

The ability to search is unique and covers around 360 degrees around the end of the machine at a distance of 8 cm, allowing the operator to conduct research on each corner to achieve fast and accurate searching. To replace the battery does not require tools. The three LED indicators provide the following information to the operator: if the green means that the machine works when the orange light means the battery is low and when the red light means it has detected metal.

It is made of durable materials may be more resistant to scratches. It is waterproof. The handle is coated with rubber. At the tip of the detector there is a LED flashlight. The price of the equipment included a 9 Volt battery and the housing for the device.

# Operating temperature: -35 to 70 degrees Celsius.
# Frequency: 95 kHz
# Coordination: Automatic
# Entries lights LED: Green = function = fallen battery orange, red = target detection
# Switches: Switch that opens and closes the machine.
# Battery: One of the 9V
# Dimensions: Length: 22 cm Thickness: 3.8 cm Weight 200 grams
# Warranty: 24 months
# Instructions for use English

Baterie de 9v de lunga durata inclusa

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Baterie 9V inclusa

Garrett Tactical THD

- Baterie 9V inclusa
  • Preţ: 75€

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