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  • AKS

AKS Long Range Locator is a portable gold searching tool with excellent performance on wide areas.
One of the most prominent characteristics of this locator is that it can identify diferent tipes of metalic targets allowing you to easily find useful treasures like gold, silver, copper and other precious jewlery.
This type of equipment is used in archaeological prospecting, with precise positioning of the detection system it is a breakthrough in the conventional detection method, using the micro processor control unit, self-checking system and calibration is combined for a quick and easy scan.


- easy to use, doesn't require a lot of time to practice using it
- Discrimination patterns for usual targets
- Portability, compared to similar equipment the AKS is used as a mobile unit


Search system microcomputer CPU control and reflection conductivity
Search range 800m
Detecting depth 14m
Energy 12V, 1000 - 1600mAh
Launch frequency 5.6 - 6KHz
Signal frequency 360 - 440Hz
Weight 3.2KG
Discrimination gold, silver, copper, precious stones
Charging methods Rechargeable batteries and charger
Charging time 10-12 hours.




  • Preţ: 550€

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